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Westchester-Bleach Your Teeth at Home

A bright white smile can be yours with Westchester At-Home Teeth Whitening Treatments

Want to brighten your smile but don’t have time to spend in the dental chair? Westchester bleach your teeth at home whitening treatments are just what you’re looking for. We know you’re busy and can’t always take time out of your day to sit for a professional teeth whitening at the dentist’s office. Aiello Dental Excellence offers at-home whitening kits that fit your busy lifestyle and give you the beautiful white teeth you desire.

Why are professional home whitening kits better?

Westchester home whitening teeth kits provided by Aiello Dental Excellence offer some important advantages over kits purchased in your local drug store.

  • We know your dental history and can prescribe the teeth whitening system that best suits your needs. A dental exam prior to bleaching is important so we can check for underlying problems that may affect whitening results.
  • Professional home whitening trays are customized for each patient. We take impressions of your teeth to create a whitening tray that fits perfectly. This is important because you cannot achieve optimal whitening unless the bleaching solution comes into contact with the full surface each tooth.
  • The bleaching solution prescribed by the Westchester dentist has a higher percentage of hydrogen peroxide than over the counter products. This is the active ingredient that gets your teeth white.

What kinds of home whitening kits are available?

KöR® Whitening Deep Bleaching™

KöR® Whitening and Deep Bleaching is an innovative new whitening treatment unlike any other available today. If you’re too embarrassed to smile, have stained teeth, or simply want a whiter smile, KöR Whitening is just what you need. Our office is happy to offer this exciting new at-home treatment to patients who desire Westchester teeth whitening treatment at home.

How does KöR® At-Home Whitening work?

We start by taking impressions of your teeth to create custom whitening trays that are very thin and precision-made to fit your teeth perfectly. This allows full contact of the gel with your teeth. KöR® Whitening gel needs to be refrigerated to ensure you are using the freshest product possible to deliver optimal results. You wear the trays nightly while you sleep for about two weeks.  The process is easy:

  • Apply  the desensitizing solution to protect your teeth
  • Place the whitening gel in your custom-made tray
  • Place bleach-filled trays in your mouth, ensuring a snug fit
  • Wear the trays while you sleep, 4-6 hours is ideal
  • Visit the Westchester teeth whitening dentist for a final visit and instructions on periodic maintenance at home

The KöR® Whitening system can whiten your teeth up to 16 shades lighter for sensational results. You never have to worry that your teeth will get too white, though, since tooth enamel will only get as white as is natural for you.

Opalescence Tooth Whitening System

Opalescence is another popular Westchester bleach your teeth at home whitening treatment that we prescribe for our patients.

  • Whitening trays are custom-made to fit your teeth perfectly
  • The whitening gel is formulated to adhere to tooth enamel for maximum whitening benefits.
  • Opalescence is completely safe for at home teeth whitening
  • The whitening gels are available in various strengths so you can get the results you want
  • Most formulations of Opalescence include Potassium Fluoride, which improves oral health by strengthening tooth enamel and offering increased protection against decay.
  • Depending on frequency of use, Opalescence can lighten teeth from 3-8 shades whiter.

The major benefit of using at-home teeth whitening treatments provided by our Westchester dentist office is that we are available to monitor your progress and answer your questions. If any problems arise, we are just a phone call away.