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Are your teeth starting to turn yellow?

Erosion of healthy tooth enamel is becoming more and more common, especially in children and teenagers. The Westchester tooth rot dentist sees far too many cases where erosion of healthy tooth enamel has already progressed to the point where it cannot be corrected.

Once healthy tooth enamel is gone, it’s gone for good

Halting the progress of tooth erosion is essential. Once your healthy tooth enamel erodes away, there is simply no way to restore it.

What causes tooth erosion?

We all start out with healthy and strong tooth enamel that protects the inner portion of our teeth. Over time, this healthy enamel is subjected to damage from food and drinks that are high in acid content. Our Westchester tooth erosion dental office sees a lot of adolescents and teens who are particularly prone to tooth erosion because they consume a lot of fruit juices and other acidic beverages like energy drinks and colas.

What are the symptoms of dental erosion?

There are a several things to look for that indicates developing dental erosion:

Yellowing of teeth:  Underneath your healthy tooth enamel is a substance called dentin, which is yellowish in color. As acid in the food and drink we consume wears away healthy enamel, this underlying dentin starts to show through, giving your teeth a yellowish appearance.

Increased sensitivity:  When dental enamel is healthy, it is a very hard substance that serves to protect the underlying tooth structure. As dental erosion takes its toll, you may begin to experience sensations of increased sensitivity to hot and cold foods.

A change in the shape of teeth:  Since the acid in certain food and drink literally destroys healthy tooth enamel, the shape of your teeth may start to change in shape or you may notice gaps between your teeth.

Dental fillings become noticeable:  Tooth-colored dental fillings are made of composite materials that are not as porous as tooth enamel. This material is not impacted by tooth erosion in the same way and will appear to stand out in comparison to your tooth enamel as it deteriorates.

We cannot stress this point enough –

Once healthy dental enamel is lost, it’s lost for good. You may halt the progress of dental erosion, but you cannot reverse its effects.

If you are concerned about the appearance of your teeth or would like to know about the preventive steps you can take to minimize dental erosion, contact the Westchester tooth root dentist. We know how important it is to preserve your healthy tooth structure, and we will help you understand the steps you need to do in order to keep your teeth healthy and beautiful.