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Westchester Digital Dental Xrays

Digital X-Rays – A healthier alternative

It would be difficult for your dentist to properly care for your teeth without the use of x-rays. They are an essential tool that provides your dentist with the necessary information to accurately diagnose underlying dental problems and develop an appropriate treatment plan.

Westchester digital dental x-rays work in a way similar to that of your digital camera. Instead of using film, the image is captured electronically and stored in digital format on a computer. Digital x-rays are easier to manipulate, and your dentist can obtain exactly the image he needs to detect and diagnose abnormalities before they become serious problems.

Digital X- Rays – Safe for your family and the environment

Digital x-rays protect your family as well your dental team by reducing radiation about 80-90% compared to traditional dental x-rays. They are also more efficient and reduce the amount of time you spend in the dental chair. Digital x-rays even benefit the environment since there is no need to develop traditional x-ray films, eliminating the need to dispose of hazardous waste and chemicals into the environment.

Westchester digital dental x-rays are much safer than traditional x-rays, but you can be assured that we still use all necessary safeguards to limit your family’s exposure to these very low levels of radiation.  Digital x-rays are only taken when absolutely necessary, and we always provide a lead apron for our patient’s protection.

How often should Digital X-Rays be taken?

This answer will be different for each patient. We do recommend a series of full mouth digital x-rays for all new patients. Beyond that, the frequency and need for x-rays is based on the individual needs of the patient. Your dentist will determine if and when x-rays are needed based on a dental exam and any symptoms that you may be experiencing.